Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not So "Happy Mart" Busted For Selling Fake Urine to Pass Drug Test

WRAL in North Carolina recently reported that the Happy Mart Tobacco Shop in Clinton, North Carolina was recently raided in an ongoing two month fraud investigation.  The store owners were charged with defrauding drug and alcohol screen tests, dispensing medication without a license, sale of glass tubes by a retailer and manufacturing or delivering drug paraphernalia.  Authorities discovered over a dozen glass tubes commonly used for smoking crack cocaine and antibiotics and other prescription drugs from Latin America in the store.  Police also seized a dozen containers of Magnum Detox Novelty Synthetic Urine.   Magnum Detox is used to cheat urine drug tests.  Drug testing companies and authorities are catching on to this new rash of cheating. If a user is caught it is usually during the collection period as the temperature of the fake urine is usually not body temperature.

Companies are catching on and can now analyze to see when the fake urine has been used in drug tests. A national laboratory concluded that in a sample testing performed on a target group - synthetic urine was used nearly 80 times in the past three years to try and beat drug tests.

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