Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are time for gathering, decorating, traveling and more. With increased activity, comes increased risk- taking small precautions can help keep you safe this time of the year.

1) Be aware of electrical risks

Overloading electrical outlets and faulty wires are a common cause of fires around the holidays.

2) Stay in the kitchen when something is cooking and practice good food safety

Handling food safely is important to decrease risk of food poisoning. Wash hands frequently when handling food, handle cooked and uncooked foods separate, and store food properly. Additionally as a general safety practice, do not leave stove or oven on unattended as this can also cause a fire risk and risk for injury.

3) Don't leave candles and fireplaces unattended.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, one in five house fires are caused by unattended candles. Make sure to keep candles where they cannot be knocked over or utilize flame-less candles. Never leave candles or a fireplace burning while you are asleep.

4) Before holiday travel prepare to hit the road safely.

Keep an emergency preparedness kit in your car (get tips on what to keep in a kit HERE). Be aware of increased traffic this time of year, get a good rest before driving, make sure to use seat belts and of course, drive sober or get pulled over.

5) When participating in winter activities be aware of the risks involved

Activities like sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and shoveling can all be dangerous if not aware of risks. Make sure to wear proper gear for the activity, learn basic skills first, and of course be aware of the temperature as activity in the cold can increase the risk of heart attack in those who are inactive.